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Paddling on Scappoose Bay

We’ve been working hard at the farm nearly every weekend since early spring, and this weekend it was finally time for some R&R so we took the canoe out on Scappoose Bay. We haven’t taken the canoe out in almost two years, and with the bay less than 15 minutes from the farm we were well past due  for a paddle. Scappoose Bay is the perfect place to go canoeing for many reasons – it’s an easy paddle with calm waters and no motorized boats, there are lots of forested meandering side channels and wetlands to explore, a variety of wildlife, and a beautiful view of Mt. St. Helens. On this trip we saw a half dozen osprey soaring overhead and diving for fish in the bay, great blue heron, egret, and geese, and we could hear the call of the belted kingfisher in the distance. It was such a beautiful day on the water, and it felt great to take some time off instead of working the whole weekend. I’ll have to keep that in mind now that we’ve just added a couple of dozen items to the farm to do list!



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