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  • Can I buy your soap in any stores?
    A rotating selection of our bar soaps is available at the Linnton Feed Store in Northwest Portland.
  • Do you accept wholesale orders?
    Wholesale orders are occassionally accepted depending upon how busy I am and my current inventory. I typically need one month to fill wholesale orders. Please send me a message on the Contact page if you would like to discuss a potential wholesale purchase.
  • What ingredients are in your soaps?
    All of our soaps are made 100% from scratch in small batches with high-quality food grade vegetable oils and butters, and either essential oils or fragrance oils. All soaps are colored naturally with botanical ingredients. All soaps are vegan except for the Almond & Honey, Honey, and Goat Milk soap listings. Our lotions and liquid soaps are vegan as well. Our bar soaps contain cocoa butter, so they are safe to use for people with nut allergies. The only one of our products that contains shea butter is our beeswax lotion bars. A note about essential oils versus fragrance oils used for scenting soaps: While it is important to us to offer products made from 100% natural ingredients, certain floral scents are either cost prohibitive to use as essential oils in soap-making or are simply not available as essential oils. Other essential oils such as some citrus scents, tend to fade in the finished soap. For these reasons, we have decided to use fragrance oils in some of our soaps to provide a greater variety. When we do use fragrance oils, we use a small amount so that the fragrance is not overpowering or perfumey. Each soap description states whether it is 100% natural, or if it contains fragrance oils. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We accept international orders! Shipping for international orders generally costs between $15.95 - $21.95 depending upon the weight of your order and shipping location. You can message me through the contact page with what you'd like to order, and I will follow-up with an email regarding the order total including the shipping amount. International orders can be paid via a PayPay invoice that I will email.
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