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Burning Day

After a long day of yard work at 5R Farm there is nothing quite so satisfying as piling up all the blackberry brambles, branches, and whatever else I’ve been battling that day into a big ‘ol burn pile and lighting it on fire! I’ve been gardening for years, the vast majority of them in the city where by necessity I’ve spent many hours clipping yard debris into small pieces and trying to cram them all into the yard debris bin. At 5R Farm that tedious chore is a distant memory. I just drag everything to the burn pile and my work is done (well not really done, work is never done at the farm!) After dinner we sit around the burn pile and enjoy a roaring fire. It’s like camping but better because the fire is bigger, the neighbors are farther away, and when the fire dies down and it gets cold out I have a nice warm bed to retreat to. If it’s a clear night, the stars are bright and beautiful, and we are often serenaded by a chorus of tree frogs or the coyotes howling. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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