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Locovore Dinner

Eating fresh local produce is one of the best things about summer, and it’s especially rewarding when it comes straight from your own garden! Although it’s still early in the summer,  and the queen of the summer garden, the tomato has yet to make an appearance, there are lots of delicious fruits and veggies to be enjoyed at this time of year. We enjoyed the first artichokes we’ve grown ourselves – two varieties, Green Globe and Violetta. Better still, there are about 20 more artichokes still growing in the garden! The menu also included grilled leeks with marinara from last season’s tomatoes, and kale salad – it’s delicious with olive oil, rice wine vinegar, and romano cheese. The main course was pork blade steak from a small family farm in the Columbia Gorge where we buy a 1/2 pig every year. We’ve been spoiled by lots of farm fresh berries this year, but we’re not sick of them yet, so dessert was strawberry and blueberry cobbler. It doesn’t get any better than that!



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