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Chainsawing and Stump Grinding

It certainly was an exciting weekend at the farm! This is the site of our future vegetable garden, and it had 5 stumps that we needed to get gone. Initially we had hoped to have our neighbor Clancy pull the stumps for us with his tractor, but it had been over a month since he offered to pull them and then disappeared on the other side of his 20 acres. Since the weather was cooperating and Sean loves any opportunity to operate power tools, he decided to rent a stump grinder and get the job done. By the time I got to the farm on Friday afternoon, Sean and Chip were already hard at work. First they chainsawed the stumps a bit lower to the ground to salvage some firewood, and then they ground the stumps down to about 8 inches below the ground surface. Sean also brought in a truckload of composted manure. We need to bring in several more loads of manure and dig out a bunch of blackberry roots, but it looks a whole lot more like a garden than it did a few days ago.

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