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The Chick Order is in!

The chicks will be arriving the first week of March. I’ve ordered a total of 25 chicks, and this time when a few turn out to be roosters we can keep them! The breeds we are getting are described below.

Australorp – This breed was developed in Australia and gained notoriety when one hen in the 1920s laid a record 364 eggs in 365 days. This is a dual purpose breed that is reported to be a good bird for the table as well as a good layer of brown eggs. Described as an exceptionally beautiful bird, quite big, with black glossy feathers that have a green sheen and huge black soulful eyes.

Delaware – This breed was developed in the 1940s in Delaware. Originally bred as a broiler, it is currently recognized as a dual purpose breed that is a good table bird as well as being a good layer of very large brown eggs that also lays through winter. While once a very popular breed, the Delaware is currently a rare heritage breed listed as threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Easter egger – The Easter egger is not a recognized breed, it is a hybrid that carries the blue egg gene of the Araucana breed and often lays blue or green eggs. Easter eggers usually have muffs on their face and come in many different colors. They are gentle birds that love treats and will often follow you around. This is especially true of our Rosie who tries to follow me in through the back kitchen door to get a special treat.

Speckled sussex – This dual purpose breed was developed in Sussex, England in the early 19th century. My favorite breed description is “If you are interested in combining the British poultry tradition with a brilliant all-rounder, the Sussex should be your breed of choice. Few other breeds can offer the same combination of formidable laying performance, brilliant table qualities and straightforward attractiveness.”

Welsummer – This dual purpose breed was developed in Holland and is known for its large dark brown or terra cotta colored eggs. Welsummers are probably best known for being the rooster on the Kellogg’s cereal box. Since you’ve made it almost to the end of my descriptions of our future flock, I’ll reward you with this entertaining breed description from Backyard Chickens “The colorful Welsummer has an upright stance with a strong, short beak, broad back, full breast and large full tail. It has a small single comb and medium wattles. The skin and shanks are yellow. The almond-shaped earlobes are red, and the eyes are reddish bay.” Now who could resist ordering some of this lovely sounding breed?

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