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Rooster Cogburn

With our oldest chicks for the farm about 7 weeks old, we are fairly certain that we have at least two roosters. The first to develop a noticeably larger and redder comb was a black australorp, which is great because they are very handsome roosters and also this is one of the breeds we are hoping to raise for meat birds if all goes according to plan. After considering names for a week or so, we decided upon Rooster Cogburn. I had been lobbying for Antonio or Captain Jack Sparrow, but Sean is convinced that Marshal Reuben Cogburn is a more fitting name for the head rooster of the new flock. It looks like one of our fancy red frizzles is a rooster too. If he is, then he’ll be known as ‘Lil Red Rooster, and he’ll have to come out to the farm instead of living in our backyard flock as we had initially planned. So now we’re down to three chickens for the backyard flock since one of the initial five we bought for the backyard is a rooster, and unfortunately we lost little Hattie a few days after we got her. I am really hoping we end up with three girls for the backyard flock which will hopefully be comprised of the other red frizzle Henny Penny, Coco the mottled houdan, and our favorite little bantie Millie who’s still not much bigger than a ping pong ball. We have named a few other chicks but they are pretty boring names either based on color or personality. We have ‘Lil Blackie, ‘Lil Gray, Big Blackie, Blue (which is basically gray in chicken feather color terms), Jumpy – I’m sure you can figure that one out, and Twitchy – due to a rather amusing habit of shaking her head whenever she hears my voice, hmm what is that all about?! It’s possible that we’ll end up with another rooster or two since the youngest ameraucana/easter egger chicks are only three weeks old which is too early to distinguish the boys from the girls. The plan is to move the chicks out to the farm in three weeks. We haven’t quite figured out what to transport the chicks in, but I’m sure it will be very interesting to say the least!



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