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King of the Castle

It’s been several months since I removed the roosters from the chicken flock, and I’ve been juggling rooster housing ever since. Things can get complicated fast when you have three different age groups of roosters, none of which want to be roommates. To simplify things a bit, and restore the ladies’ access to one of the covered areas now that the rainy season is upon us, I decided to put a rooster back in with the ladies. I’m happy to report (and he is too) that Brown Rooster is the new guardian of our 23 ladies. Of course there will be some ruffled (and plucked!) feathers along the way as the ladies get used to sharing their quarters with the new Romeo in town. Brown Rooster will have to take his lumps too as some of the ladies challenge his place in the pecking order and let him know that they think they are the boss of him! So far the integration has gone fairly well, and it seems like limiting the rooster quota to one will be a pretty agreeable arrangement for the flock.



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