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Good Girl, Grace!

There’s exciting news today at 5R Farm. Grace has joined the ranks of the laying hens, and even more exciting is that she’s a member of the exclusive Green Egg Layers club! Grace is one of the two chicks that Millie hatched out in March, so Grace is now 5-1/2 months old which is the average age that young hens start to lay eggs. I’m pretty sure that Grace is the daughter of Blue and Grayson. She is the spitting image of her dad Grayson, and she lays a beautiful pastel green egg very similar in color to the eggs that were laid by her mom, Blue. Since Blue and Grayson are no longer with us (Blue died mysteriously a couple of months ago, and we rehomed Grayson due to our abundance of roosters), it’s especially nice that our pretty gray lady Grace lays such a beautiful green egg. Not only is she a nice remembrance of Blue and Grayson, she’s on the short list of hens that I’d like to breed next year due to her nice feather and egg coloration.



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