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Chicken Coop Building

Building of the new chicken coop is underway at 5R Farm. The rainy weather has been slowing down the progress a bit, but we are on a deadline now that we have 25 chicks growing up fast in the kitchen! The coop will be 10 feet x 12 feet, which will provide spacious accommodations for 30 chickens. In addition to the 25 new chicks, we have decided to move Rhoda, Raquel, Rosie, Ruby, and Ramona out to the farm. They have completely devegetated the area of the backyard they have access to, so they’ll be much happier at the farm where there is plenty of grass and bugs for them to enjoy. In addition to the coop, we’re planning to build two secure predator-proof runs that the chickens will have free access to from the coop. They’ll also have access during the daytime to a larger fenced pasture that will be somewhat less predator proof but will still have protection from both aerial and land-based predators. It will have bird netting over the top to keep out the hawks (as well as the bald eagle who has been showing up lately!) and hot wires at the top and bottom of the chicken wire enclosure to keep out the raccoons and coyotes. By the time we’re done building the chicken compound, I would not be surprised if our girls have the best digs in all of Columbia County!



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