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Back Door Rooster Man

I never get tired of watching the antics of Brown Rooster from the back door. When it’s not raining I usually put him outside of the chicken run and let him spend the day free ranging, which has the added benefit of allowing the ladies to have full use of the pasture and secure run without being bothered by their amorous part-time roommate. If I’m sitting at the dining room table eating or working at my computer Brown Rooster will come down for a visit and stare into the house through the back door. Since he began spending so much time hanging out by the back door, I bought him his own food and water dishes for the back porch. It was pretty funny when the cashier at the grocery store asked me if I was buying the dishes for a cat or a dog, and I replied “rooster”. Brown Rooster will make the rounds of the back porch to have a snack, then he’ll go visit Millie and Coco Puff and stand outside their back deck chicken coop doing his rooster courtship dance and crowing his affections to the ladies. Then he’ll go visit the rest of the ladies and roam back and forth around the edge of the ladies fenced pasture. Brown Rooster will cross paths with Lil’ Red Rooster several times during the day since Lil’ Red is also busy patrolling the outskirts of he ladies pasture. Although Lil’ Red is half the size of Brown Rooster, Lil’ Red is a bit territorial and has asserted his dominance over Brown Rooster on more than one occasion. Brown Rooster manages to avoid Lil’ Red for the most part throughout the day, although Lil’ Red has recently discovered Brown Rooster’s food and water dishes and so Lil’ Red has been spending a bit more time on the back deck now. It will be interesting to see what sort of arrangement Brown Rooster and Lil’ Red come to because I don’t think the back deck is big enough for the two of them!



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