• stacy

The Greenhouse and Beehive

It was great to finally have good weather last weekend so that we could make progress on a couple of outdoor projects. Actually, most of our projects at the farm are outdoors so the recent rainy weather has been slowing us down quite a bit. The greenhouse has been in progress for the last couple of months, and now that the weather is warming up and the veggie seedlings are getting tall, we are anxious to get the greenhouse finished. This weekend Sean finished the roof and installed the skylights, so I’ll be able to move plants in next weekend. They’ll stay in the greenhouse for a couple of weeks to harden them off before planting in the garden once the danger of frost has passed. The other project that definitely needed to get finished this weekend was getting the beehive set up so that it’s ready to transfer the bees into when they arrive next Saturday. I picked a nice sunny southeasterly facing slope near the greenhouse to install the beehive. I removed sod, put down landscape fabric, hauled and compacted gravel, and made a level platform for the beehive. I also set up a concrete planter next to the beehive that will provide a nearby water source for the bees. All in all it was a productive weekend at the farm. Stay tuned for next week’s post – I’ll let you know how it goes when I move the bees, all 10,000 of them, into their hive. It’s sure to be an exciting day!