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Gettin’ it Done

These last few months at the farm have been great. Now that we live here full time, we have been checking things off the to do list like crazy. There’s a saying we like to use here at 5R Farm, perhaps you’ve heard of it – G.I.D. When you’re working hard, and getting tired, nothing feels better than when your significant other comes along and acknowledges your progress with a “Way to G.I.D honey!”

My husband, Sean, has really been on a roll lately, and I had to take a few photos to show off his handiwork. One of the coolest recent projects he’s done was to replace the two warped and beat up doors on the front of the garage/shop with a new sliding door, which of course he built himself, complete with a beautiful 5R Farm sign. As part of the shop upgrade and reorganization, I found myself (well really my pile of gardening tools and old plastic pots) unceremoniously evicted from the messy corner I had tried to claim for my own. On the upside, I did get my own gardening shed and two outdoor sinks out of the bargain! What does one need with two outdoor sinks you might ask. One is by the back door so that I can wash chicken waterers and treat pans without having to bring them (and the not-so-occasional poo on them) into the kitchen to be washed out, and the other sink is in the greenhouse, which is a couple of hundred feet from the back door sink. So really it’s all very logical that I would need two outdoor sinks! In addition to the building projects, Sean has also been reclaiming more and more of the lower field from the blackberry, and he moved Reuben and Ramon’s bachelor pad to a new spot to give them some fresh pasture. The lower field is looking so good that I’m starting to envision a couple of goats frolicking down there.

What have I been doing you might ask. Well I’ll tell ya, weeding, lots and lots of weeding. I’ve also been planting lots of seeds in the greenhouse, and I am just about ready to start planting the cool season veggies out in the garden. I’ve also been getting a second bee hive ready to be set up and reading up on how to split a large hive into two bee hives before it swarms. When I need a break from gardening, there’s always chicken chores to be done and eggs to be cleaned and sorted. Now that the ladies are getting back up to peak egg production, they are laying between 12 and 15 eggs a day. It’s quite a task just keeping up with getting the eggs ready for sale and making sure I have lined up enough customers to clear the 6 or 7 dozen eggs out of the refrigerator every week! But I’m not complaining, I love what we do and all that we have here at 5R Farm. And if we’re more than a little tired at the end of a long day of G.I.D. that’s alright by me.

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